it’s so nice to meet you

Hello There! I specialize in lifestyle and wedding photography. I put my heart into each photography I capture. I see each image as a moment that can be shared with others. If you are up for an adventure and don't mind trying new things. I'm your girl! I promise to get your good side and make very moment count!

let’s get to know each other

I totally get how personal hiring a photographer is and how awkward it is when cameras are pointed in your direction. I am here to help! I’ve always thought that building a relationship is the most important part of hiring a photographer. It’s a total bonus if we become full on friends after this! Some of my favorite people are past couples. On that note, I would love to sit down for coffee or hop a call to get better acquainted. Let’s get to know each other. Please email me at alemnoemiphotography@gmail.com